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Dental treatments: Tooth whitening

Studies show that our smile is one of the most noticed and remembered features when we meet someone new. In this era of social media and constant celebrity selfies it's easy to understand why! Modern dentistry now means that a bright and confident smile is now accessible and affordable for everyone.

There are now a range of easy, comfortable and convenient treatments available. So don't feel the need to hide your teeth - smile confidently and give them something to remember!

Tooth whitening is a quick and safe way to refresh and transform your smile - resulting in a healthy and more youthful appearance. Treatment is pain-free and convenient and results are often seen from the first application.

Why do our teeth discolour?

Over time, our teeth naturally start to discolour - unfortunately this is a part of the ageing process - and it happens to everyone.

There are a number of reasons for this - often it is simply down to lifestyle and the effects of food and drink (coffee, tea, red wine and berries). Activities such as smoking stain the teeth while darkening of the teeth can also be caused by damage or the long-term use of certain medications.

No matter how well you clean your teeth it is impossible to stop this colour change - because stains build up on the inside of the teeth.

How can my teeth be whitened?

Today, there are a variety of products available - some are used in surgery and others can be supplied as handy 'home-use' kits.

In-surgery whitening systems are generally more powerful giving more intense results in a quicker time. Before treatment starts your gums will be protected with a special gel, bleach is then applied directly to your teeth and a UV light applied to quickly lighten the tooth colour. The process will take around an hour. While results are instant you may require a repeat treatment depending on the shade you are hoping for.

Home whitening kits can be supplied to you for use at your convenience. In order to do this, impressions of your teeth will be taken and a special tray will be made. You will be instructed on how to use a bleaching gel in the tooth tray and will need to wear it regularly for several weeks.

Is tooth whitening suitable for me?

Tooth whitening is safe and suitable for use on the majority of people. It is usually possible to remove stains from all teeth - even those that are considered dead due to root damage.

Teeth affected by tetracycline or fluorosis may not respond to treatment - or may require more than one dose. Prosthetic devices such as crowns, fillings, dentures and bridges can't be whitened.

Does tooth whitening hurt?

No, treatment should be pain free. You may notice a slight increase in sensitivity of the teeth and gums during the process or in the hours afterwards. This will improve quickly once treatment is finished.

Please get in contact with us if you have any worries at all.

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